Jumptronic GmbH

LorryGuard XL

LorryGuard XL


  • product type:
  • vaporizing fog machine
  • power:
  • 3000 Watt
  • voltage:
  • 24 V DC (battery operated)
  • heat up time:
  • < 2 seconds
  • standby-time:
  • 1 month (with 22Ah battery)
  • fluid consumption:
  • 95ml/min
  • fluid tank capacity:
  • 600ml
  • control:
  • ignition, activate, trigger (low or high active)
  • outputs:
  • status, error, external equipment
  • programming:
  • with PC over USB
  • fog time:
  • programmable
  • pause time:
  • programmable
  • logbook:
  • 64 temporary entries
    64 permanent entries
  • size (L x W x H):
  • 550 x 135 x 118mm
  • weight:
  • 6500g incl. full fluid cartridge


    The LorryGuard XL is a powerful, battery-operated security fog machine for installation in lorries. The unique vaporizer technology heats up within two seconds and produce dense white fog, while the power consumption in standby-mode is very low. Up to 4 weeks standby-time without charging (used with LorryGuard XL batterypack). The compact size light weight (6.5 kg) makes the LorryGuard XL versatile, allowing for installation in many different places. Various in- and ouputs can by used for connecting the LorryGuard XL to an alarm system, or use it as a standalone machine. The fluid cartridge is filled with 600ml of high concentrated fog fluid, which produces very dense harmless fog. The cartridge can be easily mounted into the machine and is large enough for 6 minutes fog production. The LorryGuard XL can be connected to a computer to adjust all parameters and read out the internal logbook. The LorryGuard XL has a adjustable nozzle between 0° and 60°. As accessory a batterypack is available which can be mounted directly beside the machine.